Lyzersoft PDR

(The protective colloidal action of the product on the hardness constituents in water corrects deficiencies in dyebath thereby promoting uniform dyeing.)

Constitution: Polymeric system with functional additives.
Appearance: Clear transparent solution.
Compatability: It possesses general compatibility with anionic and non-ionic ingredients.

Effect: Apart from the hardness constituents that are naturally present in water, depending upon the quality of raw cotton considerable quantities of calcium and magnesium leaching out of the fabric are brought into bleach and dyebath. These metal ions cause reduction in colour yield, besides causing loss in fastness properties.

LyzerSoft PDR exerts a restraining action on the hardness constituents in water by moderate chelation and also effectively disperses precipitates that develop in hard water from cotton impurities such as waxes, pectins etc. As a result the product combats adverse effects of calcium and magnesium ions on the solubility of anionic dyes. Since the product is moderate in its chelating action it does not affect metal ions in metal complex dyes.

Very high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions are responsible for a great deal of loss in colour value that can be obtained with dyestuffs. Due to the chelation effect of the product the drawbacks due to moderate hardness in water can be tackled effectively without worry of de-mineralisation of the dyestuff. In cotton dyeings calcium carbonate formed in hard water is maintained in a finely dispersed state preventing opalescence of the dye liquor. The recommended dosage of the product varies between 2-5gpl.

The product possesses moderate chelating action and hence does not cause de-mineralisation of metal complex dyes.
The product suppresses the formation of calcium salts of reactive dye hydrolysates.
The product exerts a good dispersing action on precipitates that are formed during various stages of wet processing.
The product is resistant to concentrations of acids and alkalies or electrolytes normally encountered in dyeing.

Since the product is anionic in character, thorough washing is recommended prior to treatment with cationic compounds.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.

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