LyzerCriz DT & LyzerCriz CR

(Permanent Wrinkle Retention Product)

LyzerCriz DT: The product is modified and fortified precondensate system.

LyzerCriz CR: This product is a supplementary system which supports the action of the preconden

Preparation of Solution:
Solution A: Take 100 gms LyzerCriz DT and add 350 gms of water to it and stir mildly.

Solution B: Take 100 gms of LyzerCriz CR and add 350 gms of water in installments under constant agitation to ensure a smooth uniform dispersion.

Solution C: Take 40 gms of LyzerCatalyst WF and add 60 gms of water to it containing 5 gms of glacial acetic acid.

Solution A: 450 gms
Solution B: 450 gms
Solution C: 100 gms
Total         1000 gms

Mix the above 3 solutions to use product for creation of wrinkles ON ANY GARMENT.

Application: For creation of wrinkles on Denim, kindly ensure receptive surface by thorough desizing of garments. Use the above pre-mix solution either by brushing it into a garment surface or employ a spray gun for delivering a fine atomized system on the surface of the garment.

Create a pattern of stable wrinkles either by using the crushing machine or any other relevant equipment. Ensure a dry fabric or garment after creation of the necessary wrinkles as required by the pattern.

Now the garment is ready for baking to set the wrinkles permanently. Oven Temperature should be about 155 Degree C when the garment is introduced into the chamber. Baking is carried out on a dry garment at about 155 - 160 Degree C for 4-5 min minimum.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.


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