LyzerDense ATR

(Unparalleled surface feel with zero harshness)
(This is extraordinarily superior compared to the effect imparted by Nano-type products.)

APPEARANCE: Opaque viscous liquid.

CONSTITUTION : Polymeric Organic Micro Molecules.

This is a very highly active grade of product offering superior price performance ratio .
The highly reduced state of the emulsion helps in delivering unique handle modification by thoroughly imbibing the fabric structure.

Despite its reduced state, surface modification achieved is commendable offering a non greasy and luxurious feel.

The product forms an excellent constituent of a wrinkle free system by ensuring low levels of set back to strength both tensile and tear apart from upgrading wrinkle free properties.

In conjunction with EKO LC - 14 (LyzerSoft DSL) the product offers unparalleled surface feel with zero harshness and the levels of sheen and lusture not easily attainable by any other system.

The active component in the product has been so formulated to deliver key performance on the substrate.

The product adapts itself to operations by both padding and exhaust systems and can be used to treat any substrate single or blended.

Application: The recommended levels of application vary between 2-10 gpl in padding & .4 to 5% owg in exhaust depending upon the effect required.

STORAGE: The product is to be kept away from direct sunlight. To avoid changes on prolonged storage it is necessary to recap the container after each use.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.


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