LyzerFast TDK

(UV Protective Finish)

Appearance: Dense beige Liquid

Constitution: Cationic Synergestic derivatives

Light fastness is the degree to which a dye resists fading due to light exposure. Different dyes have
diferent degrees of resistance to fading by UV light. All dyes have some susceptibility to damage due to the incidence of light particularly the sensitive spectral composition. Light is energy, and the energy that is absorbed by pigmented compounds may serve to degrade them or nearby molecules.

UV protective finishing agent LyzerFast TDK consists of UV absorbers and reflectors. The former can absorb the high-energy UV rays and convert them to low thermal energy or short-wave electromagnetic waves. Therefore the absorbers diminish the hazard of UV rays to humans and fabrics. The reflectors can enhance the reflecting and scattering powers of fabric against UV rays. The agent features asepsis, incombustibility, non-explosion, is safe to the human body as well as incurring no impact on shade, stength, handling and permeability of fabrics. The suitable dosage varies between 10 to 25 g/l depending upon the type of color. The finishes to be applied at the final stage after completing all operations. Before blending with any other chemicals it is essential to ascertain the compatability with LyzerFast TDK.

Testing carried out by authoritative organizations prove that fabric treated with this agent can effectively shield UV radiation, and provide good protection of UV rays, the damaging constituency of the UV rays is a shield especially to the UVA and UVB. These tests in various organizations have shown good UV
protection and light fading is cosiderably reduced

Storage Store in a cool place at temperature below 40 C. Solidifies at 0 C. Fully useable after thawing and stirring. When properly stored, shelf life is least 6 months.

According to our best knowlegde and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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