Lyzersoft EL 200

(Reptile Finish)

(Specially tailor-made to impart matt effect,Scroop Finish & drape, in conjunction with perceptible grainy feel and free from chafe marks.)

Appearance: Milky white aqueous dispersion in paste form.

Description: LyzerSoft EL 200 imparts excellent drape and body at relatively lower conc. to a variety of polyester- containing blends and cotton. It has excellent softening and lubricating properties at lower levels of applications. There is no dullening of base colours in the case of dyed or printed fabric and renders the fabric absolutely free from chafe marks. The product adapts well with various finish ingredients such as amino aldehyde pre-condensates, Vinyl acetate copolymer, polyacrylates etc. and is not affected by the hard constituents in water. The fabric is imparted a matt effect in combination with extensive grainy feel perceptible to the hand. The product by virtue of its excellent additive nature retains the feel imparted to the fabric despite repeated washes LyzerSoft EL 200 when used along with crease proofing resins improves tear strength, abrasion resistance and crease recovery properties, besides giving better feel.

LyzerSoft EL 200 when applied to flat filament yarn, imparts the feel and structure of crimped yarn. Thus, the finish fabric accumulates smooth, supple, bulky feel without any discoloration. In fact, the finish enhances the overall lustre of the fabric without any dulling of the base color.

Similar effect can be obtained on the fabric containing multiple fibre components. On cotton fabrics it will give the effect of linen with very pleasing and matt appearance and polyester will look like cotton more or less.

LyzerSoft EL 200 is observed to substantially modify the bending modulus of the fabric treated with it. It is therefore, an excellent finish aid that renders the fabric a feel reminiscent of paper

LyzerSoft EL 200 is non-ionic in nature and is stable over a wide range of pH and temperature, besides showing excellent compatibility with most finish ingredients. The effects are durable with no discolouration or change in tone or fastness properties of dyeing.

Application: The recommended levels of application vary between 10-40 gpl depending upon the effect required.The product is diluted in cold water to the required strength under mild agitation. The fabric is impregnated in the dispersion followed by squeezing and drying at 120-140 degrees C.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.


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