Lyzersoft EL 9000

(Resurgence of garments & fabric with formaldehyde -free durable press)

An innovative invention based on crosslinking systems which are formaldehyde -free.
Perform as elastomeric finishes providing better wrinkle resistance, good dimensional firmness
(smooth drying properties) and exceptional soft handle with good sewing ability.

Appearance: Translucent to opaque liquid.

Constitution: Modified poly-nuclear compound with synergetic additives.

Polynuclear System with Special Polymer Additives.Its modified chemistries are different from traditional textile finishes because they work at the sub-micron scale and are revolutionary in their ability to attach to fibers and permanently bind to fabric at the molecular level..

EFFECT: LyzerSoft EL 9000 is a highly modified organic compound which enhances crease recovery angle and durable press ratings of the treated garments. Conventional cross linking agents that are employed for upgrading recovery properties are derivatives of formaldehyde. LyzerSoft EL 9000 is devoid of the presence of such conventional cross linkers and hence is suitable for processes where requirements are very stringent. It imparts intrinsic smooth drying characteristics thereby giving smooth appearance to the treated fabric.
When heat cured, the product ensures an optimum balance of various characteristics such as crease resistance, crease recovery dimensional stability etc., . Besides it is free from any precipitate discoloration during curing because of its remarkable thermal stability. This system ensures a very high degree of cross linking of LyzerSoft EL 9000 and enhances the permanency of the effect. LyzerSoft EL 9000 can be used in particular for treatment of certain heavier counts since the treated fabric acquires a feel that finer counts of yarn employed in its manufacture would possibly render. The wide variety of hand-feel achieved by using the product on different substrates as also combining LyzerSoft JCW, LyzerSoft EL 9000 or LyzerSoft MRF in its treatment bath enhances the scope of application of the product considerably.

It does not contain formaldehyde hence it is free from adverse effects caused due of formaldehyde such as skin allergies, breathing problems, etc. It does not have strength losses which are very common for formaldehyde containing reactants. Handle produced by LyzerSoft EL 9000 cannot be easily reproduced using other products.

Usage: It is strongly recommended to use LyzerSoft EL 9000 in combination with LyzerFix DP to achieve the best result of Durable Press.

The dosage of the product varies between 4.0 to 8.0% on the weight of the garment & 20 to 80 gpl in padding.. (It is needed to polymerise after stentering atleast 5 to 7 Min. for curing.)The quantity of the product would vary depending upon the nature of the substrate ,pre-treatments etc.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.


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