LyzerSoft TLR

(Imparts body, softness and drape with fibre-protective action)
Reduces the loss of mechanical properties (e.g Resistance to Tearing & Abrasion) during high grade crease resistant finish

Appearance: Creamish thick liquid.

Constitution: High Molecular weight Organic system with synergistic additives to impart thermal stability

Ionicity: Non-ionic.

pH of 1% solution: 6.5-7.5.

Effect: The process of rendering cellulosic blends with predominance of the natural fiber crease resistant involves its treatment with amino-aldehyde pre-condensates under acidic conditions. The resin cross-links with the functional groups in cellulose thereby rendering the fabric rigid in terms of its natural ability to form inter-molecular bonds, which impart strength. Therefore, the consequence of this process (anti-creasing) is invariably associated with undesired loss of tear and tensile strength, with a substantial drop in tear strength. The degree of tear strength decay is proportional to the angle achieved in the treatment. Hence, it is essential to achieve good recovery properties in conjunction with minimal strength losses. It is in this context that we recommend the use of Lyzersoft TLR, which has been tailor-made specially as an additive to the resin-bath, which brings down tear strength losses considerably to acceptable limits or almost eliminates them. Apart from this, the product offers drape softnes, moderate body and reduces fibre-slippage characteristics to the treated fabric. There is also enhancement of fabric lusture with the effects being more or less permanent in nature. Imparts excellent smoothness and fibre protective action to the treated substrate. Helps in reducing the formaldehyde levels on the treated fabric. Enhances crease recovery properties of the substrate when used along with wrinkle free resins.As a self finish agent without resins, betters overall appearance of the fabric giving it a more dynamic look .

Application: Lyzersoft TLR is comfortably diluted with water forming a stable dispersion. In anti-wrinkle processes, depending upon the conc. of LyzerSoft CLS that is employed, the quantity of the product is varied between 20-50 gpl or 2 4% owg. Again, particularly for anti-wrinkle processes, the quantities under consideration would vary with the type of fabric, its construction and the angle desired. In case of substrates that are prone to greater strength losses, LyzerSoft TLR should be employed in conjunction with LyzerSoft MRF &/ or LyzerSoft XL

Advantage: Since the product is non-ionic in nature, it possesses good compatibility with most finish ingredients, thereby offering flexibility of operation. The product is bio-friendly in nature and does not contribute significantly to TDS. It assists extremely well in maintaining tear strength of the treated fabric. The product is also highly thermally stable and not prone to significant oxidation.

1.Reducing tensile and tear strength losses
2.Helps in upgrading crease receovery angles when used in combination with Lyzersoft CLS.
3.Provides very good surface softness and enhances sheen on the treated fabric.
4.Helps in controlling release of formaldehyde thereby upgrading fabric to eco levels.
5.The effect of bio-polish including color loss are reduced considerably giving a rich ,uniform good surface.

Storage: Store in a cool place at temperature below 40C. Fully useable after thawing and stirring. When properly stored, shelf life is at least 6 months.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.


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