LyzerSoft CRS

(A multicomponent system for imparting extreme surface softness with good drape characteristics.)

Appearance: Opaque viscous liquid.
Constitution: Synergised polymer system with Lipid derivatives.
Iconicity: Cationic.

Description: LyzerSoft CRS imparts a buttery soft brilliant handle to the treated fabric. The product has been produced by using the right combination of Synergised Polymer System with Lipid Deriavatives. The handle imparted to the substrate is smooth and dry with a classic touch.. The product is suitable for application by both exhaust and padding methods. It is highly stable in long liquor ratios where similar products undergo hydrolysis resulting in stains on the fabric. It is therefore highly suitable for knitwears too where the product achieves considerable exhaustion even at high liquor ratios coupled with reasonable levels of application. Hardness constituents of water do not affect the product. We recommend LyzerSoft CRSat 20-50gpl in pad liquors depending upon the finish desired. It is essential to adjust the pH of the pad bath to around 5.5 with acetic acid. In case of application by exhaust we recommend 2-4% on the weight of the garment. The product is very stable to application even at elevated temperatures. The fabric is passed through a dispersion of the product and dried.

 LyzerSoft CRS is observed to enhance marginally easy care performance of fabrics.
The product is particularly useful for upgrading textiles that are poorly constructed. Use of the prod uct confers excellent surface softness with moderate body and stretchback properties.
 The product is compatible with non-ionic finish ingredient, which may be desired for any handle modification.
 The product is highly exhausting in nature which ensures good handle modification when used optimally.
 There is considerable improvement in sewability properties of the fabric.
 The product is particularly relevant in treatment of denims and pigment dyeds where the basic harshness of the fabric is completely concealed giving a beautiful unabrading handfeel of the fabric surface.
 The product works in tandem with LyzerMax AO an antiozonate formulation helping avoid costly recall of garments affected by yellowing at the folds popularly known as fold marks.
 The product as a self finish agent on denims is able to provide reasonable ozone fastness apart from conferring a superior soft feel.
The product can be successfully employed to treat fabrics dyed with disperse dyes which exhibit poor fastness properties due to inadequacy of the dyeing procedure. While conventional silicone softeners are observed to affect the fastness properties of such fabrics , LyzerSoft CRS works towards enhancing its fastness.

LyzerSoft CRS. being distinctly cationic should not be combined with anionic ingredients in the finish bath. The treatment bath should be free from the presence of alkalies such as soda ash used in previous processes to ensure trouble free finish operation.

STORAGE: The product is to be kept away from direct sunlight. To avoid changes on prolonged storage it is necessary to recap the container after each use.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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