LyzerSoft MRF

(Long Lasting Unparalled softness with rubberized finish)

Appearance: Translucent to opaque liquid.

Constitution: Polynuclear System with Special Polymer Additives its modified chemistries are different from traditional textile finishes because they work at the sub-micron, scale, and are revolutionary in their ability to attach to fibers and permanently bond to fabric at the molecular level..

Description: Very often textiles treated with silicone-based softeners become limpy and lifeless. Brilliant luster, glossy effect and excellent smoothness of fabric together with rubberized effect are achieved by the usage of Lyzersoft MRF. It can be used for cotton/, cotton blends, polyester, nylon, wool etc. For optimum results the concentration of Lyzersoft MRF is between 2-4% owg depending on the substrate and the nature of application. Results obtained are rendered more permanent when exposed to about 130 deg cen for about 1-2 minutes.

Improves recovery properties of textiles not treated for wrinkle resistance.
Resists discoloration even at elevated temperatures during curing.
Superior softness is achieved. Unmatched by other softners.
Improved physical appearance of fabric, which imparts better wash and wear.
Long lasting effect of garment not tarnished after repeated washing.
It can be combined with Lyzersoft CLS and Lyzersoft CRS to obtain high wrinkle resistance and outstanding softness. Also imparts better stretchability to the fabrics, Imparts rubbery feel to the fabric along with bulk .
Improves the elasticity and shape recovery properties of knitted goods.
Excellent in exhaust, better than any other product.
Best for shirts, since it gives body and bounciness.
Very good for whites since there is no discoloration.
Very stable, effective in long liquor ratio.
Upgrades poor quality garments to exhilaratingly rich ones.

Wrinkle Free Garments or Fabrics:
The built in property in Lyzersoft MRF ensure uniform penetration of lyzersoft CLS and lyzercatalyst WF. A special high molecular weight coumpd restores some of the lost tear strength and abrasion resistance by characteristics lubrication. It also has a synergetic effect with LyzerSoft MRF(act as elastomeric finishes imparting higher crease resistance) & LyzerSoft CRS to produce a very pleasing hand. Among the Polynuclear System with Special Polymer Additives (LyzerSoft MRF) & Synergised Polymer System with Lipid Deriavatives(LyzerSoft CRS) good dimensional stability (smooth drying properties) and excellent soft handle with good sewability. They can also reduce free formaldehyde release by replacing part of the resin.

Recommended Usage:
Lyzersoft MRF            3-5% owg
Lyzersoft PCR/KTW    2-4% owg
LyzerSoft DSL            2-3 % owg
Lyzersoft CLS            5-8% owg
LyzerFix DP               2-4% owg
(Formaldehyde Scavengers)

The treatment is carried out at a pH of 5.5 6.0 followed by drying and curing.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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