LyzerSoft XL

( Long Lasting Softner, renders a unique silky supple touch)
(The highly micronised state ensures adequate penetration)

Appearance: Translucent to transparent pourable liquid.

Constitution: Multy Componant Transesterified Polymeric System

Ionicity: Cationic.

Description: The product is observed to impart a very soft, silky and resilient feel to the substrate treated with it. It is highly absorbent on fibers and possesses excellent orientation, which renders the fabric permanently soft and supple. The handle imparted to the fabric is non-greasy in conjunction with improved lubricity characteristics. When added to resin finishing, the product assists in maintaining the tear strength and to some extent improves wrinkle recovery property of the finished fabric. The product is also observed to impart a smooth elastic handle to various fabrics and knitting. The finish is more or less non-yellowing in nature. The recommended application conc. varies between 4-15 gpl. or 3-5%on the weight of garments. The product is easily dilutable in water in all proportions forming a clear solution. The substrate to be treated is impregnated with the solution and dried to get the desired effect.

Advantages: Lyzersoft XL possesses excellent stability and shelf life. The product has been designed to reduce inter-fiber friction and good resiliency to resist compression. The highly micronised state ensures adequate penetration within the fiber enhancing fiber-fill properties. The product cures rapidly at about 110-130 degrees C enhancing its permanency considerably. Any marginal fluctuations in the curing temp. does not produce perceptible discolouration and can be comfortably employed for white fabrics even at 140 degrees C. In fact Lyzersoft WF (wrinkle resistant chemical) and Lyzersoft XL can be used in the treatment of white fabrics for wrinkle resistance where curing temperatures are of the order of 150-160 degrees C without hampering the white. The product is bio-eliminable and therefore does not pose much hazard as an effluent water pollutant.

The water used for dilution should not be very hard. The pH of the finish bath should be maintained between 5 and 6 using acetic acid. In case of very hard water, it may be essential to confirm dilution at laboratory level.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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