LyzerGard 100

(versatile waterproofing agentimparts excellent water-repellant effects on various types of institutional canvas material)

Appearance: Off-white pourable liquid.

Constitution: Stabilized, hydrophobic system with special additives.

pH of 1% solution: 4.5-6.5.

Active content: Minimum 23%.

Description: Lyzergard 100 is a versatile waterproofing agent with profound stability and imparts excellent water-repellant effects on various types of institutional canvas material. It is possible to obtain the desired spray rating value by adjusting the concentration of the pad bath. The treated fabric conforms to the functional norms prescribed by the defence authorities. The product is amenable to stenter operations where the fabric is rendered fully waterproof by a single passage through the stenter. Alternately a simple pad- dry system using the conventional can drying is also sufficient to ensure good performance rating in Cone test, Hydrostatic head, Bundesmann, Spray rating etc. The product is suitable for the treatment of dual shade printed fabrics for defence purpose too. At lower conc., the fabric treated with Lyzergard 100 acquires a pleasant bulky hand.
It is necessary to ensure that the fabric to be treated with Lyzergard 100 be free from either alkaline ingredients or anionic and non-ionic surfactants. The water used for the dilution of the product should be adjusted to a pH of 5-6 by addition of glacial acetic acid. The product is diluted using the acidified solution to the desired conc. Depending upon the fabric to be treated and the expected performance standards the application conc. is varied between 100-600 gpl. The product adapts well to continuous production techniques such as passage through a stenter or drying cans and hence avoids cumbersome and time-consuming exhaustion methods. The ready to finish fabric is passed through the above dispersion by a two-dip two-nip sequence followed by drying.


a) Substantial reduction in utilities such as steam, water and power.
b) Elimination of multi point handling.
c) Reduction in handling and process stock retention damages.
d) Perceptible increase in RFT values.
e) Reduction in labour required.
f) Practically zero effluent.
g) Neat and clean process.
h) Increase in production capacity by over 2- 3times due to sleek operation.
i) Improved quality and very high realization.
j) Functions at very low levels of application.

STORAGE: The product enjoys very good shelf life and warrants no particular storage conditions. However it is always advisable to have moderate conditions with the container being recapped tightly after use. 9 to 12 months if stored below 30c

Packing: 30, 50 & 200 Kgs in Plastic Container
According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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