LyzerGard S 2000

(unique waterproof rot proof system)

Appearance: Off-white pourable liquid.

Constitution: Synergised and balanced research based waterproof system containing zinc to impart rot proof properties.

pH of 1% solution: 5.0-6.5.

Active content: Minimum 25%.

Description: Lyzergard S 2000 is a unique waterproof rot proof system (wprp) and the only one of its kind which imparts wprp characteristics by a single passage through a padding mangle followed by drying either in can or stenter. It has been so scientifically designed that it ensures trouble and defect free performance with almost zero failure results.

At concentration ranging from 100-600 gpl, the treated fabric acquires all relevant properties and ensures good rating values on the following tests.

1. Cone test.
2. Bundesmann test for artificial shower.
3. Hydrostatic head test.
4. Spray rating test.
5. Rot proofing test.
6. Moth resistance.


a) Substantial reduction in utilities such as steam, water and power.
b) Elimination of multi point handling.
c) Reduction in handling and process stock retention damages.
d) Perceptible increase in RFT values.
e) Reduction in labour required.
f) Practically zero effluent.
g) Neat and clean process.
h) Increase in production capacity by over 2- 3times due to sleek operation.
i) Improved quality and realization.
j) Functions very well at low levels of application.

STORAGE: The product enjoys very good shelf life and warrants no particular storage conditions. However it is always advisable to have moderate conditions with the container being recapped tightly after use. 9 to 12 months if stored below 30c

Packing: 30, 50 & 200 Kgs in Plastic Container
According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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