LyzerGuard Olive OS

(Spectacular invention in CANVAS)

Sleek operation of dyeing and finishing as a simultaneous process reducing multi point handling of individual dyeing and finishing, cost effective, improved colour quality, yet economical

Appearance: Viscous dark olive coloured product.

Constitution: Stabilised coloured hydrophobic system.

Ionicity: Cationic.

Ph: 5-6

Effect: LyzerGuard Olive OS is a unique and versatile system which combines waterproof and colouration as a single shot process. This is achieved by a single passage of the fabric through a dispersion of the product at the recommended concentration, followed by drying either in a stenter or a vertical drying range. This system can also be extended to loomstate fabric to produce the same effect, after removal of slubs and other extraneous matter. By varying the concentration of LyzerGuard Olive OS, various shades of olive can be achieved.

Application: LyzerGuard Olive OS is diluted with water pre-adjusted to a pH of about 5-6 with glacial acetic acid. The product is diluted to 500-800gpl to achieve various shades of olive. When the concentration of LyzerGuard Olive OS is dropped to less than 400gpl, it might be essential to reinforce the padding system with LyzerGuard 2000 or any other product from our range as maybe required by the process. However, a direct padding using 800gpl of the product, imparts dark olive with the required functional properties such as cone and pressure head, subject to a minimum wet pick up of about 40%. A typical recipe will be as follows.

LyzerGuard Olive OS    400
LyzerGuard 2000         200-300
Water (Ph 5-6)            400-300

Any set of recipes may have to be reset depending upon the requirement, type of fabric, and the expected performance standards, which can be achieved with some degree of fine tuning. After appropriate dilution, the ready for finish fabric is subjected to a two dip two nip sequence in a three bowl padding mangle to obtain the desired expression, followed by bone drying in either a stenter or a vertical drying range.

Being a single shot system, dyeing and waterproofing occur simultaneously in a single passage through the stenter or vertical drying range, thus avoiding the necessity of separate preparatory and dyeing procedures. This offers tremendous cost advantage due to sleek operation.
Substantial reduction in utilities such as steam, water and power.
Elimination of multi point handling.
Reduction in handling and process stock retention damages.
Perceptible increase in RFT values.
Reduction in labour.
Practically zero effluent.
Neat and clean process.
Increase in production capacity by over 2- 3times due to sleek operation.
Improved quality and very high realization

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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