Lyzersoft CLS

(Amino aldehyde precondensate for imparting wrinkle free effect to cotton textiles)

Appearance: Clear, transparent liquid.
Constitution: Amino aldehyde precondensate
Ionicity: Non-ionic

Description: LYZERSOFT CLS is an extremely versatile poly functional reactant with very low level of formaldehyde release, specially developed by us for manufacturing high grade textile fabric.

The product ensures an optimum balance of various characteristics such as crease resistance, crease recovery dimensional stability etc., when heat cured. Besides it is free from any precipitate discoloration during curing because of its remarkable thermal stability. The treated fabric is also observed to indicate very low level of formaldehyde from a slightly acidic bath (acidified with acetic acid) containing Mg Cl2 or LyzerCatalyst WF as potential catalyst (LyzerFix DP is a special catalyst system which eliminates subsequent washes often employed when curing is carried out using MgcL2 as potential acid catalyst. This system ensures a very high degree of cross linking of the resin and enhances the permanency of the effect. The product also helps reduce post cure formaldehyde liberation when properly cured. The recommended dosage varies between 12-16 gms per 500gm trouser.)

After application of LYZERSOFT CLS the garment is dried and cured at 150-160 degrees C for 7-10 minutes to ensure complete cross-linking and fixation.. Various precautions of applications of precondensates to cellulosic fabrics are also applicable to of LYZERSOFT CLS. The fabric to be treated must posses good absorbency (drop test less than 5 seconds) with a wet pick-up of about 60-70 %. The bath should be distinctly acidic in nature (pH 5-6) as also restricting the number of co-finish aides so as to enable proper functionality of the resin to occur with minimum interference. The product is observed to achieve considerable CRA, which is not significantly affected despite repeated washings.

Wrinkle Free Garments or Fabrics:

The built in property in LyzerSoft MRF ensure uniform penetration of lyzersoft CLS and Lyzercatalyst WF. A special high molecular weight coumpd restores some of the lost tear strength and abrasion resistance by characteristics lubrication. It also has a synergetic effect with LyzerSoft MRF (act as elastomeric finishes imparting higher crease resistance) & LyzerBond PCR to produce a very pleasing hand. Among the Polynuclear System with Special Polymer Additives (LyzerSoft MRF) & Synergised Polymer System (LyzerBond PCR) good dimensional stability (smooth drying properties) and excellent soft handle with good sew ability are achieved. They can also reduce free formaldehyde release by replacing part of the resin.

High Durable-Press Ratings (Typically 3.5+)
High Abrasion Resistance
Low Tensile Strength Loss (Typically less 30%)
Low Tear Strength Loss (Typically less than 30%)

Typical Recipe: A                           B
Lyzersoft MRF         2-3% owg          LyzerSoft CLS        7-8% owg
LyzerBond PCR       4-8% owg          LyzerFix DP           3-5% owg
Lyzersoft CLS         7-8% owg          LyzerSoft DSL        4-6% owg
LyzerFix DP            3-5% owg          LyzerBond PCR      4-8% owg

50 Kgs in Plastic Container.

Shelf Life: Six months if stored below 30c.

According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.


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