LyzerBrill SP

(Exhaustible yarn lubricant.)

Appearance: Viscous white emulsion easily dispersible in water.

Constitution: An aqueous emulsion of silicones fortified with special lipids.

Ionicity: Cationic.

pH: Approximately 7.0.

Description: The synergised formulation with silicones and special lipids ensures excellent static and dynamic lubricity which are prerequisites for good sewing thread performance. There is a marked improvement in unwinding characteristics apart from enhanced feel imparted to the yarn. It brings about excellent reduction in friction index and very low values of coefficient of friction. All these properties are conferred on to the yarn with insignificant shade change. Although LyzerBrill SP was specifically formulated as a sewing thread lubricant it is found that it confers excellent feel and improves functional performance of processed yarn for subsequent weaving and knitting. In fact LyzerBrill SP can be applied to white bleached yarn without any perceptible discolouration. Apart from application in package dyeing units LyzerBrill SP can be directly applied by kiss roll method without viscosity variations.

Application: For regular yarn lubrication LyzerBrill SP may be applied at a concentration of 1-2% w/w . The yarn may be pretreated in the bath containing 0.5 to 1.0cc/litre of acetic acid for 5-10 minutes at about 30deg cen. followed by addition of required quantity LyzerBrill SP . Run the bath till the product is exhausted. This may be followed by conventional procedures of hydroextraction and drying.

About 5.0 to 10.0% w/w of LyzerBrill SP will impart excellent lubricity and softness to the sewing thread. Depending upon the type and quality of yarn and the finish required higher concentration of the product may be used.

STORAGE: The product enjoys very good shelf life and warrants no particular storage conditions. However it is always advisable to have moderate conditions with the container being recapped tightly after use. 9 to 12 months if stored below 30c

Packing: 30, 50 in Plastic Container.
According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.



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